Who are we?

What Is Smart Stories?

In a digital world which is now dominated by privacy first changes, it is becoming increasingly important to leverage your existing onsite traffic: from product discovery to an actual conversion each step matter more than ever when it comes to a current or future customer landing on your platform.

Smart Stories allows you to replicate the shopping experience of one of the key drivers of social commerce on your website with editing tools, templates and widgets that have been developed with a focus on sales. It also enables you to track the engagement and conversion data from beginning to end on each story you create.

We are a team of e-commerce specialists each in our area of expertise working on constantly identifying and tackling opportunities that would allow merchants to find incremental efficiencies while enhancing the user experience. If you have feedback on Smart Stories or specific asks you want to discuss more broadly please reach out and we’ll make sure to accommodate for them!

With Smart Stories, you can

Tell stories that sell

Create custom or catalog generated stories

Cut through production cost

Leverage a full suite of e-commerce video editing options

Increase your website real estate

Publish your stories across your website in different formats

Improve your onsite traffic conversion rate

Track results in real-time from story open to sale

Leverage our easy-to-use interface

Integrate seamlessly with Shopify and other major e-commerce platforms