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Frequently Asked

Adding stories to your website allows you to display a larger number of products on a per visit basis leveraging the power of one of the most commonly used formats across platforms. More product visibility and more interactivity leads to more engagement and more sales

Smart Stories allows you to create both custom and catalog generated stories. Custom stories can be built on the basis of video, static images, audio and even 3D modeling with a wide range of editing options from template selection to animation and call-to-action to induce a sale. Catalog generated stories extract the assets from your product catalog to dynamically create stories that are then displayed anywhere on your website giving you a way to create stories at scale.

We have a wide range of e-commerce clients from SMEs to enterprise grade using Smart Stories. Our easy-to-use interface and adapted pricing makes Smart Stories the perfect solution to reduce production cost, optimize onsite traffic and drive incremental sales.

Smart Stories is currently fully integrated with Shopify through its Shopify app. We are working diligently on releasing further direct integration with all the major e-commerce platforms this including WooCommerce and Magento among others. You can also use our solution directly on your custom e-commerce website.

Our team is available 24/7 to schedule a demo or support in setting-up your first story. You can contact us at any time and we’ll take pleasure in showcasing the power of Smart Stories: the stories that sell!